SimplyNZBs FAQ

What do we offer?

Be aware that we are only a search engine, and no actual files are distributed through or are stored on our systems. We offer NZB files ONLY. NZB is an XML-based file format for retrieving posts from usenet (NNTP) servers. We do not offer torrents, access to usenet, fullfillment of requests, or direct access to any of the content listed on the site.

Can I change my email address or username?

Your e-mail address can be changed 90 days after registration. Usernames cannot be changed.

How do I access usenet?

Many ISP's offer usenet access to their members. Alternatively there are several free usenet providers that can be used. Generally the best way to access usenet is through a premium service.

How long do you keep NZBs?

Our current NZB retention period is 2145 days.

What is the URL for the API? will still work for a while

How do I use the search feature?

Enter your search phrase in the search box and optionally select a category to search in. Searches use the AND operator for multiple phrases ("show boat" will match all NZBs that contain the words "show" and "boat"). There are also three options you can use in your searches: (you can mix and match all three)

To search for NZBs that start with a phrase use the caret symbol ("^house" will match all NZBs that begin with "house").
To exclude NZBs from the result use a double dash ("house --boat" will match all NZBs that include "house" but don't include "boat").
To search using the OR command use a pipe ("big|bang" will match all NZBs that include the word "big" or "bang").
If having problems, Make sure you escape any especial characters in the search string (like '20\-40' for example).

How do I use My Cart

On the browse page simply check the checkbox beside the name of the NZB and click "Add to Cart".

How do I request NZBs?

You don't. This site is 100% automated and only indexes a fraction of usenet - we are not responsible for posting to usenet. If you cannot find what you are looking for here one, try one of the many other NZB sites.

Can I configure SimplyNZBs as a Search Provider on Sickbeard, Couchpotato, NZB Drone?

Yes, members have full access to our API using the URL

How does NZBget or SABNzbd push work?

You need to edit your router configuration, and forward your NZBget or SABnzbd TCP control port. Once this port has been opened, and PirateNZB can verify the connection, NZB files can uploaded to your device automatically.

How do I advertise here?

Contact SimplyNZBs

I have a question that isn't answered here.

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